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Dining with the chef (sometimes written out as "Itadakimasu! Dining with the chef") is a cooking show on NHK World that shows viewers how to cook traditonal Japanese dishes as well as modern Japanese cuisine.

The show dvides into two parts:

  • Traditonal Japanese Cuisine with chef Tatuo Saito and host Seira Kagami, which focuses on tradional Japanese dishes.
  • Rika's Tokyo Cusine with chef Rika Yukimasa and host Patrick Harlan, which focuses on more modern, yet simple meals.

Until September 2012, the show was hosted by Shelly. The show is filmed entirely in English.


  • Tatuo Saito - Master Chef
  • Rika Yukimasa - Master Chef
  • Seira Kagami - Host
  • Patrick Harlan - Host
  • Charles Glover - Narrator
  • Shelly - Former Host

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