Chiaki Horan (born September 28, 1988) is an actress and co-host of Imagine-nation and Doki Doki! WORLD TV on NHK World.


Chiaki Horan was born in Tokyo to an Irish father and Japanese mother.  She attended Aoyama Gakuin University.  As junior she spent a year as an exchange student at Oregon State University, in the United States.   

Horan chiaki

Chiaki Horan


Chiaki Horan has appeared as an actor on numerous television shows since 2005.  Her most familiar role to most English audiences is probably as the villain Nai on Mahou Sentai Magiranger, which was adapted in North America as Power Rangers Mystic Force. 

Chiaki horan nai

Chiaki Horan as Nai

Program HostEdit

In addition to hosting Imagine-nation and Doki Doki! WORLD TV on NHK World, Chiaki has been a newscaster and chat show host on multiple telivision programs on channels four and six in Tokyo, as well as a radio DJ.

Writing Edit

Chiaki horan is the author of an autobiography in Japanese titled Chiaki Horan (ホラン千秋), published in  2014.

Chiaki horan autobiography

Cover Image of Chiaki Horan's Autobiography

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